17 Mar 2014

Nandan’s Resignation Brings Fate of Aadhar in Danger

As per the sources, by December 2013, over 500 million UID cards were issued to the country residents by the UIDAI. Such an aspiring project of the UIDAI could be labelled as a gigantic successful one and
12 Feb 2014

Applying for PAN Card? Now use your Aadhar Card

APPLYING FOR PAN? NOW USE YOUR AADHAAR CARD The income-tax department a while ago issued a notification under which the Aadhaar card, which serves as an identity proof as well as your proof of address, can be
9 Feb 2014

The Fate of UID Undecided. Is Rs. 3500 Crore Wasted?

Rs. 3500 CRORE WASTED? THE FATE OF UID UNDECIDED United Progressive Alliance (UPA) looks bothersome after being defeated a while back in the assembly elections proceeded by a number of controversies resulting from arguable statements by Mr Rahul
15 Jan 2014

Government all set to introduce NIA Bill in the Parliament

Statutory status to Aadhaar Card is to be provided by the Government through introducing the NIA Bill in the winter session of the. Until now the legal status of the Aadhaar Card was in the question by
3 Dec 2013

Lost my Aadhar Card!! What to Do??

LOST MY ADHAR CARD !! What to Do?? Once you submit the aadhar enrollment application it takes 2-3 months time for its processing and 2-5 weeks after it dispatches from the Indian post. If the duration has
3 Dec 2013

Downloading the Aadhaar Card

Downloading the aadhaar card is a simple process. The UIDAI has enabled the aadhaar card download option. The official website of UIDAI i.e. http://uidai.gov.in/ helps in easy downloading of e aadhaar. The only requirement is to follow
2 Dec 2013

How to Get your Aadhaar Card

GET AADHAR CARD Aadhar card is a unique identity card provided to every individual as a proof of his /her residency in India. Its enrollment is made free of cost for country’s residents and also facilities are
2 Dec 2013

Documents Required for Aadhar Card

Aadhar card enrollment requires the proof of individuals which can then be verified to provide you with  the unique number. The documents require one’s identity proof ,one’s resident proof and also one’s date of birth proof. These