Aadhar-card rider disablement in searching relief for flood-victims: Govt

In September 2014, the Kashmir region saw tragic floods across many of its regions caused by heavy rainfall. The Indian managed Jammu and Kashmir, as well as Pakistan managed Azad Kashmir, the major areas that were affected included Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab By September 24, 2014, approximately 277 people in the country and 280 people in Pakistan had died due to the overflows. According

Aadhaar will now be Lifeline of Everyone!

Aadhaar card set to become lifeline for the Citizens The Aadhaar card is back in business. The theme launched by the UPA government failed to notice support with the succeeding NDA regime, however throughout the previous few weeks, the Union furthermore because the province and Telangana governments, are posing for Aadhaar cards for numerous facilities,

Applying for PAN Card? Now use your Aadhar Card

APPLYING FOR PAN? NOW USE YOUR AADHAAR CARD The income-tax department a while ago issued a notification under which the Aadhaar card, which serves as an identity proof as well as your proof of address, can be used for obtaining a permanent account number (PAN). Aadhaar number is a twelve-digit code that the Unique Identification

The Fate of UID Undecided. Is Rs. 3500 Crore Wasted?

Rs. 3500 CRORE WASTED? THE FATE OF UID UNDECIDED United Progressive Alliance (UPA) looks bothersome after being defeated a while back in the assembly elections proceeded by a number of controversies resulting from arguable statements by Mr Rahul Gandhi Vice President of Congress. Also the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) seems distressed in the lead of the