Aadhaar will now be Lifeline of Everyone!

Aadhaar card set to become lifeline for the Citizens

Aadhar card will now be lifeline


The Aadhaar card is back in business. The theme launched by the UPA government failed to notice support with the succeeding NDA regime, however throughout the previous few weeks, the Union furthermore because the province and Telangana governments, are posing for Aadhaar cards for numerous facilities, schemes and subsidies starting from pensions to property registrations. Word is around that Aadhaar cards may additionally be needed for passports within the close to future.

Due to the recent Supreme Court ruling that Aadhaar shouldn’t be created necessary for numerous facilities and subsidies, it’s being mutely joined to the schemes instead of being insisted upon.

Whereas the Centre has hinted that the Aadhaar card may become necessary for issue new passports within the close to future, banks holding central government pension accounts area unit posing for identical for exceptive annual life certificates from pensioners.

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