How to Get your Aadhaar Card


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Aadhar card is a unique identity card provided to every individual as a proof of his /her residency in India. Its enrollment is made free of cost for country’s residents and also facilities are there to get it from any part of the country.


There is no way to apply for aadhar card online. To apply for aadhar one can take the appointment online and check for the centers from the website

One has to move physically to the enrollment centre with the listed documents on given date (note that prior appointment is not necessary).



The Application form for Aadhar Card can be Download by : Clicking Here

Also you can get it simply from the centre itself.


Your identity proof : Take any one of the below listed documents

  • Bank pass book
  • Passport
  • Voter’s id
  • Driving license
  • Water bill
  • Graduate degree
  • Passing board certificate
  • Ration card


Your residence proof: There is also the requirement  of your address proof.  Take any one of the proof from  the list given below.

  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Gas bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Bank pass book
  • Credit card
  • Driving license

In case one does not possess any of the above documents,  he would be still eligible to apply if his/her name is present in  family entitlement documents.

In case one doesn’t possess any documents at all introducers at the centre are there to help. He may also contact to the concern registrar.

More ID Proofs can be found by : Clicking Here


Fill the application form with the necessary personal details. After submission of your form your photo, finger prints and iris scan would be taken for your identification. Check the necessary details at the time of enrollment to prevent any spell errors. Don’t forget to store your acknowledgement slip provided to u with your temporary enrollment number. The time taken in the entire verification process is 2-3 months. The card is then dispatched through Indian post in 3-5 weeks .In case any verification error arises in the process you will be receiving a rejection letter.

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