Lost my Aadhar Card!! What to Do??

LOST MY ADHAR CARD !! What to Do??

Once you submit the aadhar enrollment application it takes 2-3 months time for its processing and 2-5 weeks after it dispatches from the Indian post. If the duration has extended beyond that there are chances some errors might have occurred. You can track back the delivery by knowing your enrollment number and enrollment date.

Aadhar UID

In case you haven’t received your aadhar card check the status on the eaadhar portal on the official website of uidai.

Even if its missing or it is lost by the fault of Indian post or by your fault there is no need to panic. t is always advisable to store the slip or acknowledgement at the time you submit your application for enrollment. t is helpful to get a duplicate copy of your aadhar online. Its validity is same as that of the original.there are chances one may not remember the aadhar number or the enrollment number.In that case

Follow the simple steps:

  • Contact UIDAI on the toll free number available on the official website uidai.gov.in
  • Give them the details about your name, address, date of birth etc. and try asking about the adhaar card.
  • The uidai assist you to get a duplicate aadhar to the postal address and email id that you registered. They may also SMS you the number of your aadhaar card with the help of which a duplicate card may be issued.
  • If unable in contacting the UIDAI through phones, contact the nearest  regional offices for  lost aadhaar card information.
  • The list of adhaar card regional offices is also available on the official website.
  • Even if regional offices cannot be contacted the aadhar card centers may   prove helpful. The official site will give you the details about the location of the centres


Note :

There is no online system till yet to get the duplicate card if you lose the enrolment slip. Store the slip carefully after registering.

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