Nandan’s Resignation Brings Fate of Aadhar in Danger

As per the sources, by December 2013, over 500 million UID cards were issued to the country residents by the UIDAI. Such an aspiring project of the UIDAI could be labelled as a gigantic successful one and the credit for its victory goes to Mr Nandan Nilekani. He was the co-founder of Infosys head who previously had left the corporate world and became the chief of Unique Identification Authority of India 4 years back.


But today as per the ET report Mr Nandan Nilekani appears to have resigned from his post. He said in an email reply to the ET that he is resigning as for now the government is in place to decide who is going to hold the position next.

Despite the fact that his resignation was estimated over next few months, known that he has been entitled as the Congress candidate as of South Bangalore, it will arise as a wonder since his descendant as UIDAI chief has not been named perhaps not even acknowledged. Mr Nilekani had earlier announced that he would be resigning from the post when about 600 million Aadhaar cards will be issued. That quantity was touched on March 9th.

As we know UIDAI has been Indian Government’s major and most determined project since they came in command 10 years ago. The venture is only half-way, but it has huge potentials to bring clean and transparent governance.

With the elections, and chances that BJP may come into reign, it puts a lot many question over the fate of UIDAI project. BJP has already stated that they will be clashing this project entirely if they come to power.

UIDAI project possess a diverse feedback across the nation. While some opinions are in favour that Aadhaar could never be successful, other opinions are that the project has power eliminate corruption to a large amount from the Government offices.

In such a hustle one thing which is for sure is that if Aadhaar has to be successful (and if the project does get not interrupted it will need a gentleman that owns an experience and circumstantial similar to Mr Nandan Nilekani. If anyone else or in case any in appropriate replacement takes place, it will be doomed. What do you think? Share your views.

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