Son meets his parents after 7 years because of Aadhaar

The incident took place in the city of Meerut where a missing son finally meets his family members after years because his aadhaar was received on the proper address.

For a time span of seven years, Nathu Singh, who was locked in Meerut jail while attending a 10 year-sentence for assisting his friend who abandoned with a girl, had sent numerous letters to his town in Madhya Pradesh, but none of them were responded because the letters essentially never reached his family.

Considering that he was missing, his blood relatives in the meantime had lost all optimism of ever seeing him again. Then, as Meerut jail authorities got instructions to get Aadhar cards made for all prisoners, he was enquired his home address for papers. And thus his Aadhar card reached his astonishment and delighted parents!

His mother broke out both in tears and laughter and asked some of the younger relatives in the family to track her son using computer and some technology. Soon they got a clue on Nathu, who used to work as a farming labourer in a Meerut village when he was accused with assisting the elopement. Nathu, however, still refuses he had anything to do with the matter. The family finally had a sobbing reunion, and Nathu on time presented to his mother the Rs 4,000 he had got as a prisoner working in jail.

It was because of the Aadhaar card with the help of which Nathu’s clue after being missing was found out.

Jail supervisor SHM Rizvi said that nearly 8 to 9 months ago, they got instructions from the central government to assist the making of Aadhaar cards for all the inmates in the jail. They followed the instructions and they got Aadhar cards made for three thousand inmates and Nathu happened to be one of those three thousand. Appreciatively this time his Aadhaar reached his home — while his past letters were not received by his family. Thus Nathu was able to meet his family eventually.

Nathu’s family members includes his father, his mother and 3 sisters. His family members are impending to meet him. Nathu, no wonder, is super excited to meet them, is over the moon after hearing this news.

Nathu further mentioned while sobbing that Seven years is a long time but he is yet thankful to god that he eventually listened to his prayers and answered them. Though, still there are three years to go before he walks out as a free man he said.

Nathu reached in Meerut in August 2007 and initiated working as a farm worker at Jesupur village. He says there he became friends with Raju Singh. Raju Singh was in love with a village girl. Later, he abandoned with this girl and Nathu was thought to be a partner in crime and was blamed to be responsible for this elope. So he was detained for being an assistant in this activity. Nathu’s parents lived in a rural community in Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh also called MP. Nathu says that he was not able to even hire a lawyer for himself at that time. The girl’s family also appeared against him in the court and later he was sentenced to 10 years of detention for the crimes.

According to Rizvi, Nathu’s activities in jail has been remarkably good, subsequent to which he has been given the role of a criminal supervisor, a post in which a criminal with a good conduct supports regular jail staff to sustain discipline and also acts as an assistant.

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