The Fate of UID Undecided. Is Rs. 3500 Crore Wasted?



United Progressive Alliance (UPA) looks bothersome after being defeated a while back in the assembly elections proceeded by a number of controversies resulting from arguable statements by Mr Rahul Gandhi Vice President of Congress. Also the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) seems distressed in the lead of the General Elections 2014 which are going to be conducted in May.

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In their attempt to bring back some confidence, the UPA is expecting the Supreme Court for provision of some relief on UID scheme.

The Indian Government invested multi crore on the scheme named Aadhaar , which was said to be important for efficient governance as well as it claimed the transparency of government programmes’ implementation, was waited anxiously after the Supreme Court had pronounced that Aadhaar card was not compulsory for the citizens for availing the government programmes.

53 crore Indians were officially registered by the Unique Identification Authority of India stating the amount of Rs. 3,494. The Government made appeal on Wednesday to the court that Aadhar was essential for ensuring that the benefits serve to those who are in position to get them.

Mr K. Puttaswamy, the retired Karnataka High Court judge and Mrs Aruna Roy had registered PIL confronting the Centre’s move to make Aadhar compulsory for every Indian citizen for availing the government schemes like the PDS, MNREGA, scholarships, Janani Suraksha Yojana, pensions and LPG connections particularly for weaker economic society.

They also persuaded that the entire process of getting information violated the rights of citizens along with the privacy.

The UIDAI also filed its request on Wednesday in the apex court urging for the withdrawal of its ruling that UID card cannot be made compulsory for enjoying the government schemes and subsidies. It also reported that the PIL petitioners misdirected the court and they played under the hands of “unscrupulous elements” who wished the scheme to go.

Referring to an instance, the UIDAI said that around 45,000 duplicate connections on the basis the Aadhaar numbers were detected by PSU oil companies and in case these connections are blocked, it will be saving around Rs. 23 crores annually.

In also claimed that the court’s September 2013 order had very solemn implication on the implementation of various welfare schemes. It laid stress on the agenda that card should be made mandatory.

“baseless allegations” by the petitioners can never be a reason to doubt  against the implementation of such well thought out scheme by the Indian Government which is certainly now in public interest UIDAI told the court.

Now it is on tenterhook whether Supreme Court would provide relief to UIDAI or not ,but an apex court order making its previous order worthless would prove out to help UPA immensely.

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